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Here's a COMPLETE list of all of our flavors. They are subject to availability. If you need a something made quick check out our most sought after flavors in "the shop." If you want access to our newest flavors consider joining our mo mo subscription club. Local gopo lovers get two new flavors every month for $10 with free delivery!


Flavors marked with B (for base) are $13

Flavors marked with +2 are $15

Flavors marked with Xtreme are $17


SAVORY- flavors in () have multiple options. 

(Alcohol Kissed savory) – your favorite alcohol, mixed with oil, misted into popcorn, cooked to perfection. Xtreme
BBQ - butter base, then add some smoked flavor, tasty spices, and you have fresh goodness to match the summer heat! +2
Bruschetta – tomato basil, olive oil, garlic, salt, and some tasty cheese, yum. +2
Ched – half the cheese, all the flavor. B
Cheese – enough cheese to satisfy most cheeseaholics. +2
Chicago Style – our caramel with good ole fashion cheddar. +2
Columbian Jerk – a taste of the Caribbean, only with Columbia flavor! +2
(Curry) - like our Saag Paneer, we can pretty much do any curry flavor, if we can source the ingredients, so throw us a challenge.
Dill Pickle - salty, a little sour, but still has that Kosher Krunch and all that flavor. +2
Everything Bagel - Inspired by B&B everything bagel. Onion, Garlic, Sesame, Poppy, and Salt. +2
Everything Tiger - Like an everything bagel, but with cheese! +2
Extreme Cheese - as much cheese as we can get onto popcorn without it crushing the hull! Xtreme
Feliz – celebrate the holidays with fresh taste and some spiciness. +2
Green Bean Casserole - you know the stuff, greens, with cream of mushroom, Frenches Onions, and good ole bacon. Xtreme
Greek Pizza - Olive Oil, cheese, tomato, some garilic, and greek seaoning make this excellent popcorn creation. +2 
Home-Style Chili – our own recipe of Chili, only with popcorn! +2
Italian Garlic Cheese – the name says it all. +2
Jalapeno Popper - Usine Lilly's spice, we add spinach, bacon, and cheese to recreate a hot treat we love from them. Xtreme
Jazzed Butter – the comfort of butter, with a little kick from Jazz a Louisiana Kitchen Seasoning. B
Loaded Baked Potato – did we mention it comes with bacon! Xtreme
Queso – salsa con queso, but without the mess. +2
Refreshing Ranch - we can’t say cool ranch, can we? +2
Saag Paneer - Spinach with Indian Cheese, plus curry and like 18 other ingredients. Xtreme
(Sea Salted Truffle) – either with truffle oil, truffle salt, actual truffles, or a mixture of the three. B, +2, Xtreme
Sesame Ginger Wasabi – if you don’t like Wasabi, maybe you should pick another flavor. +2
Spiced up Dressing – we love stuffing, this one has the flavor of good ol’ Stove Top. +2


SWEET-flavors in () have multiple options


2014 Let it Go – Heisenberg – gopo is the one who knocks, knocks your teeth out either way, but once your teeth are gone, you can savor the sweet flavor of saying goodbye to all that is frozen! +2

(Alcohol Kissed sweet) – your favorite alcohol, made into a syrup, mixed into popcorn, baked to perfection. Xtreme

(Alcohol Infused Chocolate) – your favorite alcohol, mixed with your favorite chocolate, set up to perfection (alcohol not cooked out). Xtreme

(Candy bar) – your favorite candy bar, mixed with chocolate, baked into popcorn. Xtreme

Caramel Apple - the name says it all. +2

Caramel Cinnabun – our flagship flavor, so good, you’re thankful to be alive, if only to eat it. Xtreme

Caramel – butter, vanilla, a touch of salt, and a lot of sugar, is it worth it…yes! +2

(Caramel Swirl) – our caramel, mixed with your favorite color, baked to perfection. +2

Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry – if you let us put strawberry gushers in, then it will be almost as juicy as the real thing! +2

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - More chocolate than strawberry, some would say that is a good thing. Xtreme

Coconut Chocolate Truffel - A chocolate base, with a chocolate coating, and roasted coconut on top! Xtreme

(Cookies n Cream) – your favorite cookie, mixed into white chocolate of your choice, baked to perfection. +2

Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt – our bittersweet graduation flavor, sad that it is over, but thankful for the experience. +2

Flan – caramel, with cream, and notes of vanilla and honey. Delicioso! +2

(Fruit) – your favorite fruit flavor, in a sugar coating, mixed onto popcorn and baked to perfection. +2

Grasshopper Pie – minty, chocolaty, and delicious. Xtreme

Half Caramel – half the calories of caramel, all of the flavor. B

Shotgun Pete’s Hellfire Caramel – our delicious caramel, with Habanero BBQ Sauce-WATCH OUT! +2

(Hot Cocoa) – your favorite hot chocolate, mixed with your choice of chocolate, baked to perfection. +2

Lemon Meringue - Lemon, with graham crackers and white chocolate! Xtreme

Maple Bacon - Inspired by those tasty donuts, ours might have more bacon than donut though. +2

Margarita – like kettle corn, but sour, and with Tequila! +2

Merica - Blue Raspberry Lemonaid, Cherry, and Lime gopo, mixed together in one bag, watch out Bluebunny, we got the flavor! +2

Miami Vice – strawberry daiquiri mixed with pina colada, and it has to have rum unless you are letting your kids eat it. +2

Nutella - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, on Popcorn?! Yes please. +2

Oh My Golly – the Candy Factory’s best treat (IMHO) with more chocolate and air popped popcorn. Xtreme

Orange Chocolate - Like those oranges that you slam on the table to break apart, put with popcorn (can also go dark). +2

Peanut Butter – like caramel, but with the peanut butter of your choice. +2

Pecan Pie – if you are allergic to pecans, we have other great pie flavors to choose from, otherwise, welcome to the last flavor you may ever want! Xtreme

(Pie) – your favorite pie flavor, in a snack you can take anywhere.  Xtreme

Pumpkin Pie – it doesn’t have to be fall or winter to get that pumpkin craving taken care of.  Xtreme

Pumpkin Spice – our caramel, with pumpkin flavor, can life get better, we submit that it cannot! +2

Reese's Pieces - lightly peanut butter, some chocolate, very yummy. +2

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - its got peanut butter, chocolate, and reese's peanut butter cups. Xtreme

Sea Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa – need we say more? +2

Sea Salted CnC  - the official T/F film fest flavor, though you don't have to wait to the fest to get some. +2

Slow Burn Kettle – the sweetness of kettle corn, with a little bit of spice from Lutz’s Spicy BBQ Sauce. B

Star Crunch – normally we like our flavors crunchy, this one is gewy, chewy, and still really good. We actually like to freeze ours, you may enjoy that too. Xtreme

Tiger Drizzle - Air popped mushroom kernels, with special Black Chocolate drizzled on top, sprinkled with sea salt. B

Tiger Stripe - We create a yellow vanilla chocolate, mix it into kernels, then drizzle black chocolate on top, kinda crazy. +2

Tiger Tuxedo - Instead of drizzling on the black chocolate, we dress it up a notch with added white chocolate. +2

Turtle – caramel, pecans, chocolate, and popcorn, if you haven’t tried it, that is a shame. Xtreme

Vanilla Peppermint Bark – white chocolate with peppermint, need we say more? +2

(White Chocolate Java) – your favorite coffee, ground up and mixed into white chocolate gopo. +2


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