Many flavors go well with the different seasons, but these flavors have ingredients we can only acquire certain times of the year.


Girl Scouts!

Yup, your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, into one of our flavors. It is awesome because by buying it, you are supporting the local troops!


Caramel Apple

We make an excellent Caramel Apple Popcorn, unfortunatley the Apples we use are only grown a certain time of year...


Chocolate Covered Strawberry

In the season of showing your affection, we grab large batches of Strawberries, juice them, then make crazy good popcorn treats for your loved ones.


Pumpkin Beer!

We don't sell you the Beer, we take your favorite Pumpkin Beer, and make a Caramel out of it, then add it to our popcorn!


Truffle Sea Salt

We can make Truffle Oil Popcorn year round, but the good stuff is when we get our hands on some fresh truffles and add them to the mix!


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