Our popcorn is very good, some would call it gourmet, and still others would say the only thing better is to mix even more flavors in.


Oh Nuts!

Caramel with Nuts, Chocolate with Nuts, Carmael and Chocolate with Nuts, just Nuts, any way you want it, we will price it out and get it to you.



Our Ched mixed with our Half Caramel, or your cheese mixed with your fully loaded caramel, we will make it and get it to you.

Black and Gold

Our Black chocolate, yes Black, as in Oreo Black, Dutch Cocoa that is natural, and as dark as it gets. Mixed with our golden caramel to make any Tiger Fan glad they know you.



CoMO Mix

A gopo orginal! Our popular Slowburn Kettle mixed with our competition worthy Caramel Pecan for a knockout sweet and spicy combo!



Two tailored flavors in one bag. $15/gallon. Ordering is easy: 1. Send your order to comogopo@gmail.com. 2. We will tally up your order and send the invoice. 3. If you are local we will deliver for free! If you are out of town we will ship it to you fresh! ( Please allow two days for orders).

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