Local Love

We love Columbia, and are always looking at ways to make new and exciting flavors from local people we are excited about!


Everything Tiger

Inspired by B&B Bagel, this popcorn has Black Sesame, Black Poppy, Garlic, Sea Salt, and Onions, it is really good.



Maple Bacon

Inspired by Harold's Donuts, this flavor has a Maple Bacon base, then we add a ton of Bacon Bites and Bacon Pieces!


Chocolate Java

We cover our kernels in white chocolate, then add your favorite coffee to it! For our go-to version try it with Cafe Kaldi. 


Saag Paneer

Inspired by Indian restaurants in Columbia, we make a mean curry popcorn, with Spinach and Cheese to boot!




Inspired by Lilly's Cantina, we use their spice mix, with Boone Olive Oil Co's Harrisa, to make a fan favorite!


To make our local flavors, we use local ingredients, which normally have a premium price, so these flavors are $15 per gallon. Careful we have been told they are addictive! Ordering is easy: 1. Send your order to comogopo@gmail.com. 2. We will tally up your order and send the invoice. 3. If you are local we will deliver for free! If you are out of town we will ship it to you fresh! ( Please allow two days for orders).

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