CoMO Hot Spots

Think of our popcorn as a proud local giving you the tour of the spots that make our city the best!

B&B is where we cook, when they are not making delicious bagels that is. We use several of their ingredients for some of our flavors, the most notable is in our Everything gopo, inspired by their Everything Bagels. If you haven't been to B&B yet, you really should!

Jazz makes an excellent spice, and we use it in our Jazzed butter gopo. It is really good, and you can pick some up as well if you want, just stop on into the restaurant, grab some off the shelf, and pay the bartender. It's great for making any dish Creole, and we like it when we want to remember great times we have had in the French Quarter.

Lutz's is right next door, and we would be hard pressed not to smell their delicious BBQ while we make our popcorn. They make a terrific Spicy BBQ sauce, which we use in our Slow Burn Kettle. They make a lot of really good food as well, and their home made Potato Chips are a great snack while we make our own snacks. 

Patric, a Columbia local, is artisan Chocolatier. We snatch up bars whenever they release their limited selections, and add them to flavors for extra Columbia gourmet flair. 

Boone Olive Oil Co. here in Columbia, has great offerings for oils and vinegars. We love their Truffle Oil for Truffle and Sea Salted gopo. Their Harissa makes our Queso gopo, which is Nick's new favorite flavor!

Logboat makes great beers, some of which you can pick up at the local grocery or liquor store. We recently used their Snapper IPA in a Beer Cheese dip gopo, and their English Mild Mamoot in a flavor that taste's a lot like Chocolate Pepples. You should be able to find both of those flavors at the Craft Beer Cellar!

Shotgun Pete's, not only sells a flavor or two for dessert, but also makes excellent BBQ! I love their Brisket, especially if they have some less lean pieces saved for me. These guys make their own sauces from scratch, so you know we like to put them in our flavors. Most recently, we have used their Hellfire Habenero BBQ sauce to make a Hellfire Caramel. 

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